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Jan 8, 2013 8:00am PST
are concerned about the things that senator hagel has said about israel. ultimately down the line, democrats will wind up behind this nominee. it wouldn't look good for this president to pull out of this nomination for hagel to go down and democrats are mindful of that. i do think one of the things that's interesting about this pick, it's no one's happy, democrats aren't chairing this and republicans aren't chairing this. but he is certainly stirred the ire of both sides of the aisle and also ignored something that a lot of progressives and liberals were looking for this president to continue and that is a legacy of diversity with these top four picks, the big four of the cabinet being attorney general treasury secretary of defense, and secretary of state. and so far it looks like there's going to be less diversity, at least in some of the top picks. we'll have to look at how he fills out the rest of the cabinet going forward. >> we'll talk more about that in a second. i want to talk about john mccain. a lot of people were looking forward to exactly how he would come out and post on the issu
Jan 10, 2013 8:00am PST
have. anti-israel and so forth. so not only did he ignore any women in the picks, he's picked people who are not qualified. >> when you talk about anti-israel, talk about what you mean. that's been disproven, john from here to sunday. >> what happened is chuck hagel is going back and changing history. first of all, he did go back and say he does not believe the right way ever to stop iran is to have any type of military strike possibility. now, you got to pressure remember, this is the same president who already took out the russians -- he was going to be more flexible negotiating missile defense. now somebody already is tipping off the iranians that he's going to be flexible on negotiations. second of all, chuck hagel was very, very critical of the israel and jewish lobbying in washington, d.c., said it was too aggressive. many in the israel and jewish community took that as a big insult to them. >> it's still, chris, widespread, that chuck hague is going to sail through any confirmation hearings, while they might be bruising publicly? >> listen, chuck hagel is going to face tough q
Jan 27, 2013 1:00pm PST
in washington last april you voiced concerns about israel. you said in part, quote, in this place we may ask, have we learned anything from it, speaking of the holocaust. if so, how is it that assad is still in power? how is it that the number one holocaust denier, ahmadinejad, mahmoud ahmadinejad, still is president of iran? he who threatens to use nuclear weapons to destroy the jewish state. how concerned are you about the future of israel today? >> i'm, of course, terribly concerned because israel is the only place where jews have after all come to build their own state, 2,000 years after they have lost it to the romans, and if god forbid something happens to that state, the jewish people would not be able to take it, to deal with it, two catastrophes in our memory, it is impossible to bear and, therefore, really, we're committed to the security of israel and we try whatever we can do to help it in honor and in peace. but will still i'm worried. of course, i'm worried. statement i'm worried when other tragedies occur in this world and there are so many. >> do you feel like this country's
Jan 7, 2013 8:00am PST
of policy. they're going to vote against him on things he said in the past especially on israel. >> you're also the co-payer of the campaign to fix the debt. that's a next thing that's racing down the line there in washington, d.c. talking about the debt ceiling. and just earlier we were -- had the opportunity on "the daily rundown" to talk -- or kmuz me. david gregory had the chance over the weekend to speak with mitch mcconnell about shutting down the government. i just want to play for everyone exactly what he had to say. >> would you rule out a government shutdown to achieve your goals? >> what i think we ought to do is to encourage the president to actually be president. address the single biggest -- >> i understand that. my question is would you rule out a government shutdown? >> i know what your question is. what i'm telling you is i haven't given up on the president stepping up to the plate. >> mitch mcconnell seeming a little defiant of that question there. obviously we've lived through this before knowing they're willing to push us to the brink of shutdown and put the country
Jan 29, 2013 8:00am PST
spoke last night to christians united for israel in washington, d.c. and said hagel is absolutely the wrong man for this job. >> i cannot support someone who thinks we should be tougher on israel and more lenient on iran. we need a defense secretary who understands and fully appreciates the danger of a nuclear iran and the importance of a strong u.s./israel alliance. >> joining me now is democratic senator, barbara boxer of california. senator, it's good to have you here. and as we had the breaking news, the video just coming in moments ago of john kerry, getting the voice vote of confirmation for being the next secretary of state, the full senate voice expected this afternoon. but you were in that room, but it's going to be a lot different when it comes to chuck hagel's confirmation. completely different, especially given the rhetoric that you're already hearing this weekend. senator menendez and john mccain may decline to go on record of how you're going to vote. you're going to come out saying you did have reservations, but now you support him. what's your reaction on your resp
Jan 13, 2013 12:00pm PST
's commitment to israel or his commitment to iranian sanctions. i think in a lot of ways the republican critique of his nomination comes sort of as a general critique of his position when he came out after having voted originally for the iraq war and also just an ally of the president. in a lot of ways for the republicans this has been one of another proxy battles with president obama. it is as much about the feelings about him as their feelings about chuck hagel. >> those feelings come from the left as you were talking about. >> i am not comfortable yet. i want to ask him questions about those two issues. >> democratic senator richard blumenthal with that statement there. as you were writing you said as chuck schumer goes so goes hagel. >> that's right. chuck schumer is probably the most important voice in this debate on the democratic side right now. really the only way that chuck hagel doesn't get confirmed right now is if democratic senators come out in opposition to him. there is going to be a balk of republican senators who will vote against hagel for the reasons you mention. >> do you thi
Jan 31, 2013 8:00am PST
on some past positions that hagel has had, that they believe were not strong enough in support of israel and, in their view, too soft on iran. so they are challenging him on votes and that's part of what happens. if you have a record in public life, that's what people will scrutinize in part to try to get a sense who would you be in this new job in public life? it is an important part of the process. we expect there will be back and forth, some tension. because they put a clock on it and limit the amount of time that senators can question, you get some of that tension about h hurry up, we need to move on, that can look abrupt and rough. not always intended to be that way. but it's a big day for hagel who is trying to convince some of his fellow republicans he deserves the job. right now there are several who are publicly on the record saying that they are not in support of hagel and about hatch of those are on this committee. very critical for hagel to perform well today and to convince senators that he will represent the president's point of view and that they could be comfortable with
Jan 11, 2013 8:00am PST
in the military, we would have laid down our lives for the defense of israel. i went to the middle east with senator hagel and heard him talk about having the strength of having america defend israel. my take on end of the day, senator schumer critically will probably do what he did once for america, defend that that is best for national security interests. i think he's going to be key and you'll see in these hearings that chuck hagel, former enlisted man for vietnam will get this nomination because of what he will do for america's security. >> based on what admiral sestak just said, politico is reporting saying if schumer would oppose hagel it would amount to a fatal blow to his candidacy since a number of pro-israel democrats could very well be influenced by the number three democrat's position. there is enough people trying to give hm a heisman so to speak, to his nomination, knowing that he's a republican and there are defense cuts that need to come and republicans don't like that idea. >> to go back to senator schumer for a min u it's important to rise, his constituency got hit wit
Jan 6, 2013 12:00pm PST
about seven or eight years ago when he referred to the jewish lobby as opposed to the pro israel lobby. senator lindsey graham described this as if it happens to be an in your face nomination. >> we will check back with you later. >>> let's get back to the issue of raising the nation's debt limit. lindsey graham pretty much stated the republican position today. >> if you raise the debt ceiling by a dollar you should cut spending by a dollar that is the way to go forward. >> president obama insists he will not compromise raising the debt ceiling and said any future efforts to reduce the deficit must include a combination of higher revenues and spending cuts. joining me to talk about it jake sherman. senior editor for the new republic. noam wrote a book called "the escape artist." the president has declared that he will not negotiate over whether to raise the debt limit. why don't you believe him? >> well, i don't believe him for sort of practical reasons and partly for the history of his negotiating style. the practical reason is we have a couple of things coming up that he is clearly g
Jan 28, 2013 8:00am PST
. the other is that elections have consequences. take a listen to what congressman steve israel had to say earlier on this. >> i'm not interested in finger points and i'm not interested in the old debates and the old sound bites. we need a solution that is fair and balanced. that secures our borders, that has tough verifiable enforcement, but also provides a path to citizenship for those who are here and part of our economy. when you've got republicans senators who are willing to support this, it's time for house republicans to support it as well. >> fair and balanced. so has the immigration 8 done the work of the president? there's no need for that big policy speech tomorrow. >> i think we need both. remember, we need, you know, the support of the white house as well as the work in congress are going to be critical to making sure that the end result is legislation that remains fair and balanced. because as we know in the legislative process, all sorts of things can get changed and amendments and what have you. so i do think it's important that the president -- remember as the president ta
Jan 15, 2013 8:00am PST
hagel's views about israel, iran women and gale rights. the other big story, will president obama trump congress and take executive action on guns? the white house official tells biden's recommendations including 19 that the president can act on by executive order alone. >> i'm confident there are some steps we can take that don't remember legislation, and that are within my authority as president, and where you get a step that has the. >>> "usa today" reporting that weighing tougher restrictions on gun control. >> this is people have to live through these tragedies after tragedy after tragedy. >>> in maryland governor o'malley announcing a controversial and then in delaware. jack martell is putting his weight behind a proposal to end the gun show loophole. >>> the nra under fire for releasing the new iphone app. yesterday. it eye lows players as young as 4-year-old to practice shooting at coven-shaped targets. >> how sick are these people running a great organization, a proud organization, how sick are these people that have command eared the nra and turned them into an extremist organ
Jan 14, 2013 8:00am PST
where there have been democrats as well as republicans complaining about his views on iran, iraq, israel. he, as colin powell said, can defend himself very well and he has been talking to as many as 30 senators in advance of the hearings that he hopes are going to take place fairly quickly once the senate comes back. but that's after the inauguration. and meanwhile, the opposition could build. >> andrea, i'm going to let you go here in just a second, but do you want to give us a quick preview of what you have coming up at 1:00 on "andrea mitchell reports"? >> we're waiting as you are to hear what the president has to say because we know he wants to outline the view on the debt ceiling. i was talking to whoufs officials over the weekend and they are not going to retreat to the 14th andment or any work arounds. they are laughing off the platinum coin, as you know, as a nonstarter and federal reserve said they would not buy that asset. that means it is absolutely a nonstarter. it would not have the intended effect that son of its supporters would like. so they are putting it right back on c
Jan 24, 2013 8:00am PST
military, much like they do in israel and many other countries around the world. >> i had a chance to see you over the weekend and talk with you about the fact you appear briefly in the oscar nominated film "the invisible war." the timing of yesterday being the fact there were congressional hearings going on with women who have faced sexual assault within the military service. explain the timing of this because to me it struck me as kind of odd that this announcement would come on the same day as those hearings were taking place, where women are being assaulted time and time again and not being able to report to see justice done to their assailants, and now this, coming up to kind of propel women forward to the front lines. >> it is kind of an interesting mix of events that have taken place. 19,000 women and men a year are raped or assaulted. and only 13% actually report. we have a problem in many places, lackland airforce base was the topic yesterday of the hearing where we had military training instructors who took advantage of young trainees, 17, 18, 19 years of age, and assaulted them
Jan 26, 2013 11:00am PST
. >> a la israel or -- >> oh, yeah. it's going to require some logistical changes and it will require a great deal of leadership, but if you have a situation where you have more people in new york city than you had at pearl harbor and you have an all-volunteer force you're outsourcing our defense for a small number of brave young men and women. that's the next big equal opportunity. >> that's fascinating. kayla, very quickly. you're a published author now and an outspoken advocate. i've got to ask you, political future. are you thinking of running for something, maybe? perhaps? >> you know, i'm not sure that the people are that interested in electing a woman with tattoos, but i am both happy to continue serving our country in as many ways as we can. >> we've learn more about you today. >> colonel jack jacobs, kayla williams, thanks to both of you. we appreciate it. >> i'm not going ask you where the tattoos were and what they were. you like the restraint there? >> the naacp joining the lawsuit against the city of new york. we'll tell you in the next hour. first, though, quick. is it a
Jan 20, 2013 12:00pm PST
and they have a use your mandate saying that he is a bad choice for women and gays and support for israel. what is chuck hagel's confirmation hearing going to look like? >> this is going to be the opportunity for republicans who were obviously unhappy with the president's re-election and the fact that they are the senate minority and to throw everything they have plus the kitchen sink. my forecast is that and chuck schumer says i'm comfortable with this guy, the support from the left, regarding israel and otherwise really kind of has to be dialed back, because schumer is no pushover when it comes to those issues and that is true regarding the gender and gay issues as well, so, yes sh, he going to be kind of an easy mark in some fashion, because the republicans resented the fact that he seemed to cozy up to obama in '08 and supported bob kerrey in the nebraska race this time around, and they have given up on him, but my belief is that he will get by not just with the democratic vote, but the republican votes. >> do you believe he gets confirmed? >> yes, i do, but what is telling is that the sile
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)